Thursday, February 10, 2011

Easiest Snow Cream Recipe!

We had a snow day today, which means it's the perfect time to enjoy some snow cream! 

That's absolutely my favorite thing. Yummy! 

I'm kind of on a sweetened condensed milk kick lately (it's so good) so I decided to try that in my snow cream. 

Here's the complex list of ingredients: 

1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 can of water
Splash of Vanilla

That's it! 

First, I poured the milk into my bowl then I filled that same can up with water and added that to the milk. 

Then I wisked that together until it literally looked like milk. I added a splash of vanilla because I love vanilla! If you don't like that, leave it out. The sweetened condensed milk gives the snow a nice, rich flavor! 

Then I sent Derek out to get a bowl of snow and mixed the snow with my milk-mixture!

That's it y'all! It's so simple! 

For a quick way to cool of your hot chocolate, add a spoonful of snow cream to it! So simple!

Oh and I looked it up and Paula Deen's recipe is pretty much the same thing! 


Gail said...

Awwww. Cute! Snow ice cream. I could only put sand in mine. I'm not anywhere near snow. LOL!

Nicki said...

Oh my goodness- your comment made me lol! Sorry you can't experience the joys of snow. Purity (if you have one there...) makes snow cream ice cream that's pretty close!